Introducing Our Newest Store!

  • Located at 8854 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, California 9003
  • Built by Automated Laundry Systems
  • Opened November 2019
  • Fully equipped with Tolon washers and ADC dryers
  • 90 washers and 54 stackable dryers
  • The most profitable laundromat in California
  • 200+ visitors per day


Over the past 70 years, the coin-op laundry industry has developed into one of the most reliable end efficient sources of revenue for many investors and entrepreneurs. The coin laundry business generates over five billion dollars in revenue annually, each laundry capable of generating over $300, 000 per year. In addition to the financial benefits of coin-op laundries, there is also the social benefit of providing clean clothes, a basic health service, to millions of people.

We are passionate about laundry. Our team of equipment sales engineers are committed to your laundry needs and will help you find and design a laundromat that will ensure financial growth and stability and the overall success of your laundromat project.

Automated Laundry Systems has been the premier constructor of state-of-the-art innovative laundromats throughout California for more than two decades. We are committed to your financial success and will help you with all aspects of Laundromat ownership including location selection, equipment financing and complete construction project management to ensure the success of your Laundromat investment. Whether it is a new custom built Laundromat or a refurbished existing location, Automated Laundry Systems has the resources to realize your laundry needs.

Talk to our experts today to get started towards investing in this exciting and profitable business opportunity.

To learn more from our experts on “Investing in Laundromats,” please click on the PDF icon below to access our digital guidebook:

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