TOLON laundry equipment never fails to perform, and it is exactly for this reason that they have been a leader in industrial-sized washer extractors, drying tumblers and folding machinery since 1937. The primary benefits of the TOLON machines are their versatility. Offering a wide variety of washers, including 20lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs, 90lbs, 130lbs and 250lbs machines, TOLON has designed washers that solve the time and space limitations that keep many laundries from reaching their full potential. The smaller models are built with compact dimensions in order to ensure that businesses with limited space operate at their maximum capacity. The larger models are built with efficiency in mind, capable of operating for hours at a time and satisfying the needs of busy laundries. In addition to the washers, TOLON also manufactures a series of dryers, including 45lbs, 90lbs, 130lbs and 250lbs machines. The main feature of their dryers is the sliding door, which solves the problem of achieving maximum efficiency in small work spaces. By eliminating the extra space needed for swinging doors, TOLON ensures that your laundromat will achieve its maximum potential. We know you are serious about your laundry business, which is why you need a laundry manufacturer that is as serious and as dedicated to excellence as you are. As a family owned company, TOLON feels especially committed to sustainability and dependability. By paying close attention to detail and never forfeiting their standard of quality, TOLON ensures it customers a minimization in service and repair. In fact, we at Automated Laundry Systems are so confident with the standard set forth by TOLON, each of their machines hand made in their European manufacturing plants, that we are offering a lifetime warranty on the bearing housing of all of  machines. Six years ago, The JENSEN GROUP entered into an agreement with TOLON to acquire up to 49% of the company. Since then, The JENSEN GROUP has helped make TOLON’s stand-alone laundry equipment a global brand. For more information about The JENSEN GROUP and their brand, please click here: [link]. Your needs are important to us, and that is why we recommend the TOLON lineup of washers and dryers. They are compact, high tech, user friendly and practical. We know it is not easy to run a laundry operation. So why not make it a little easier by trusting the TOLON brand to deliver their dependable and efficient machines so that your business can operate at its highest potential? We, at Automated Laundry Systems, are happy to offer TOLON products to our laundry customers.


Tolon 22lbs/35lbs/40lbs Washers

Model: TWE10/TWE15/TWE18

Tolon 52lbs/62lbs/88lbs Washers

Model: TWE24/TWE28/TWE40

Tolon 132lbs Washers

Model: TWE60

Tolon 44lbs/88lbs/132lbs/243lbs Dryers

Model: TTD20/TTD40/TTD60/TTD110

Tolon TWE control features