Today’s consumers have become increasingly more environmentally conscious, creating a significant push for businesses to adapt and reduce their use of energy, fuel, and water. If a “green” business is something that appeals to you, here are several tactics that have been proven to be effective.

  • High Efficiency Front Loading Washers: High efficiency washing machines can reduce water use and potential waste by at least 50% in your laundromat, saving a potential of 1 million gallons of water per year depending on the size of your business. If you also choose to facilitate the use of multi-load washers, you typically use half the amount of water as compared to the traditional top-load machines.
  • Switch to Cold Water Cycles Only: In the past, detergents required hot water to properly dissolve and clean your laundry. These days it’s not necessary to use hot or warm water to get the most out of your cleaners, eliminating 80-90% of the energy consumption required to heat the water. Today’s detergents are formulated differently and, between high efficiency washing machines and current formulas, your laundry obtains a better wash in cold temperatures. By switching to cold water it’s estimated to save over 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per machine, per year.
  • Provide Natural Detergents and Non-Chlorine Bleach: Natural laundry detergents are septic-safe, water-supply friendly, biodegradable, and typically hypoallergenic. Non-chlorine bleaches use an oxidation process, allowing you to whiten and brighten without the hazardous fumes caused by traditional bleaches. Not only are organic detergents safer for the environment and gentler on the skin, these detergents give you more bang for your buck. You can buy these detergents and bleaches in bulk and they work perfectly in HE washers, saving your wallet and mother earth simultaneously.
  • Encourage Smart Drying Practices: You should always keep your lint traps clean, increasing both dryer efficiency and shortening your drying time. It’s also suggested that your customers ditch the dryer sheets. They are full of chemicals and neurotoxins such as toluene and styrene which are detrimental for both your laundry, the environment, and your personal health.
  • Offer Digital Payment Methods: You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint when you eliminate paper waste by switching to digital payment methods and offering digital receipts. Today’s high paced customer appreciate options allowing debit/credit card usage along with variations including Apple Pay, MasterPass, etc.

When you decide to take a more health conscious, environmentally friendly route, you have the advantage of a long lasting and efficient business. With these updates to your laundromat, you truly stand out from your competitors whilst thriving in today’s economy.

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