The forefront of innovation. American Dryer is a worldwide trusted brand for innovative and dependable solutions that improve efficiency and performance in the laundry world.  Founded in the 1960’s, ADC has been providing cutting edge innovations ever since. In the 1970’s, ADC introduced the first micro-processor controlled system. In the 1980’s, they introduced the first dual pocket dryer, and they recently came out with their own line of washers/extractors. It is this long history of innovation and dependability that makes American Dryer the trusted and iconic manufacturer that is.

Choosing the perfect machine for your laundromat, multi-housing project or laundry project is a difficult and confusing process. That is why ADC has made it easy by dividing their laundry equipment lineup in distinct categories to make the machine selection process easier for you, the customer. For all their machines, American Dryer has divided its lineup into three distinct categories: their newly designed, technologically advanced i-series, their traditional ADC series, and their energy efficient Eco Dryers and Washers. For more information, please visit their website at: [link] or look at our selection of ADC machines here at Automated Laundry Systems by scrolling further down the page.

In addition to their smaller lineup, ADC also offers multiple larger machines for industrial jobs. Whether you need to provide clean clothes for a stadium, nursing home or even a hotel, ADC has the right machine for the job. With such ergonomically designed machines such as the AD-210, you can ensure that your business will reach its fullest potential, making you, the owner, and your clients happy.

Reputations are important, and by choosing ADC, you will be choosing the brand that has been a leader in innovation and reliance since its founding. It isn’t easy to run a laundry operation, so why not make it a little easier by trusting a company that has been trusted by customers for generations, all over the globe. We, at Automated Laundry Systems, are happy to offer American Dryer products to our laundry customers.

ADC Coin Operated Machines

ADC 100G Coin and Card Washers

Model: EWS-25 / EWS-30 / EWS-40 / EWS-60 / EWS-80

ADC 200G Coin and Card Washers

Model: EWR-25 / EWR-30 / EWR-40 / EWR-60 / EWR-80

ADC 50lb Dryer

Model: AD-50V

ADC 75lb Dryer

Model: AD-78

ADC 115lb Dryer

Model: AD-115

ADC 30lb Stack Dryer

Model: AD-330

ADC 30lb Stack Dryer

Model: AD-333

ADC 45lb Stack Dryer

Model: AD-444