While it is not famous in the United States, the Fagor Industrial is one of the premier manufacturers of washing machines in all of Europe. Dependable, smart, and efficient, these machines are built to last and save money. With one of the fastest wash cycles available, Fagor washers make less energy consumption and greater efficiency the norm. Additionally, these machines are compact, allowing for more units in cramped spaces. With stainless steel tanks, drums, and paddles, these washers not only look great but are also more resilient to external agents.

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FAGOR FWH 25lbs/30lbs/40lbs Washers

FAGOR FWH 60lbs/80lbs Washers

FAGOR FWH 100lbs/135lbs/275lbs Washers

FAGOR FWR 25lbs/30lbs/40lbs Washers

FAGOR FWR 60lbs Washers

FAGOR FWS 25lbs/30lbs/40lbs Washers

FAGOR FWS 60lbs/80lbs Washers

FAGOR FWS 130 lbs Washers