Since 1976 ALS have provided knowledge and expertise to the laundry market throughout CA from our head office in Los Angeles.

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with an unrivaled buying experience. We achieve success by solving the following two questions:

  • Does the solution add value to your business?
  • Does it reduce your business risk?

As the exclusive distributor for Maytag products for CA we are able to offer you a full range of time proven reliable products backed by both a strong manufacturers’ presence in North America and by qualified local service throughout the state.

All of our equipment is available to you through a variety of financial options including our attractive equipment lease option. Our lease programs are all inclusive of service and maintenance allowing you to tailor your expenses to the savings the equipment delivers, while conserving your capital for other investment opportunities. If you choose to out-right purchase your equipment we have service plans available to remove any business risk associated with owning your own laundry equipment.

Automated Laundry Systems

3626 S. San Pedro St, Los Angeles C.A. 90011

Office B.R.E. #00398351

Al Miller B.R.E. #00639569

Tel: (888) 875-9556
(818) 846-7242


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