• Maytag Commercial Laundry offers a full range of commercial washers and dryers to the coin, multi-housing and industrial markets. An investment in their products guarantees industry leading dependability and performance. The primary benefits of Maytag machines are their dependability and technology, for which they are well known throughout the industry. Maytag machines come in three categories: coin-operated, multi-housing and on premise.Maytag’s series of coin-operated machines are designed with the laundry owner in mind. With decreased cycle times to shorter drying times, these machines are built to save energy – helping you, the laundry owner, increase your bottom line. From front-load HE washers to top load washers to multi-load gas dryers, Maytag offers machines that will help your laundry be as successful as possible.The reasons that make Maytag machines so desirable in the laundromat also make them sought-after by your residents. With a wide variety of machines ranging from front-load HE washers to top-load dryers to stack washers and dryers, Maytag has the right machine for your multi-housing project. Maytag’s dependability and energy efficiency will not only make you, the owner, happy, but will keep your residence pleased with clean clothes and fine craftsmanship.Maytag’s OPL line can make your facility operate at peak performance. By combining Maytag’s long lineup of reliable and economic machines and Automated Laundry Systems’ reputation and history with supplying everything from sports arenas to elderly homes, your business will be able to excel. And in order to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, Maytag has created a webpage in which you can compare their OPL machines here at: [link]. Maytag’s devotion to its customers is what has made the company a leader in the commercial laundry industry.For over 100 years, Maytag has been offering dependable, energy-efficient laundry equipment all over the United States. We, at Automated Laundry Systems, are happy to offer such versatile and quality products to our laundry customers.

sep-iconMaytag Commercial/OPL Machines

Maytag Multi-Load Rigid-Mount, OPL Washer

Model: MXR20/25/30/40/55/65

Maytag High Efficiency Washer, OPL or Card Ready

Model: MHN33PR

Maytag High Efficiency Dryer, OPL or Card Ready

Model: MDE/MDG28PR

Maytag High Efficiency Stack Washer/Dryer


Maytag Stack Dryer

Model: MLE/MLG26PR

Maytag Topload Washer, Deep Water Wash, Mechanical Control

Model: MAT20MN

Maytag Topload Washer, Deep Water Wash, Digital Control

Model: MAT20PR

Maytag Dryer, Card Ready Multi-housing

Model: MDE/MDG18PR

Maytag Dryer, OPL

Model: MDE/MDG18MN

Maytag Topload Washer, Card Ready

Model: MVW18PRB

Maytag Top Load Washer

Model: MVW18MNB